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Getting started with live support

Kayako is the fastest way to start offering an engaging, real-time live support experience to your customers.

Communicate with your customers over any channel - the web, email, live chat and phone - switch between them seamlessly, and maintain a single, simple support history in Kayako that is only ever one click away from your team. 

If your organization is serious about scaling live support as a go-to option for your customers, Kayako already has you covered with the tools needed with visitor monitoring, intelligent chat routing, proactive chat invitations sent to your customers and more.

Kayako Desktop

Your team uses Kayako Desktop (for Windows) to connect to your helpdesk to monitor visitors to your website, handle live chats and calls. It is an easy to use, powerful application built for the desktop for speed.

Download Kayako Desktop.

Get started with live chat

After downloading and installing, Kayako Desktop will walk you through logging in to your helpdesk using your staff user name and password. After logging in to the helpdesk, visit your support center in your web browser.

You should now see that the live support button now says online.

Clicking on this button opens a live chat request form. You can try this yourself  (but you'll be chatting with yourself, if you're also the staff user signed into Kayako Desktop!).

Once a customer is in a live chat, their chat window looks like this:

Whether the live support is online or offline is determined by who in your team has set their status to available in Kayako Desktop (check the top-left icon). If none of your team is available, when a customer clicks on the offline live support button they will be invited to leave a message.

Chat Gateway

Kayako Desktop for Windows is not the only way to handle live chats. Using the Kayako Chat Gateway, your team can log in to your helpdesk using any instant messenger client that supports Jabber (such as Adium, Messages for Mac, Pidgin and Trillian) and handle live chats from anywhere and on the go.

Find out more about connecting to the Kayako Chat Gateway.

Put a live support button on your website

Navigate to the admin control panel and click on Tag Generator on the left-hand menu. Walk through the steps, and Kayako will generate a piece of code that you can insert into the HTML of any of your web pages.

What happens when your customers click on the live support button is completely configurable. By default, you will be able to monitor visitors on any web page which has the live support button code.

You can see how visitors found your website, the search terms they used and what they have browsed so far. This is ideal for delivering proactive customer service: whether that is identifying an opportunity to turn a visitor into a customer, or to offer a helping hand to someone who might be lost.

Getting started with phone and click-to-call

With Kayako Desktop, you can connect to your existing VoIP service to handle and capture call records into the helpdesk. By handling calls with Kayako Desktop, your team will have instant access to your customer's support history and information, equipping them to deliver better customer service.

Using the software phone built into Kayako Desktop, your team can use their existing VoIP provider, such as Vonage, and sign in to their extension.

Calls can be answered and made right from Kayako Desktop as with any other software phone. Each call is logged in the helpdesk and added to your customer's support history, and if call recording is enabled, can be played back from the helpdesk.


As well as being able to generate live support button for your customers to request live chats, if you decide to handle calls using Kayako you can create a click-to-call request button.

A click-to-call button works in a similar way to a live chat button. Your customer will be asked for the name, request subject and phone number. Rather than receiving a new chat request, your team will receive a click to call request which they can instantly respond to with a call.

If available, Kayako will automatically load the customer's support history. Customer WOW, guaranteed.

Find out more about using Kayako Desktop with your VoIP service.

Browse live support history

All of your customers' live support history - both chats, calls and post-chat satisfaction surveys - can be managed in the staff control panel under the Live Support tab. From here, you can search and filter live support records, add notes and play back any call recordings.

In addition, any live chat or call captured by the helpdesk will be visible under a customer's profile (in the staff control panel under the Users tab) and also any ticket your customer may create in the future. 

Your team is only ever one click away from a complete customer support history.

Keep going

If you're ready to dig even further into what you can achieve with live support using Kayako:

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